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ARHS Library & Instructional Materials Center: Past Events

Maureen Boyle

What's Going On in Your Library!


  Steven Manchester           


Three Shoeboxes     


Twelve Months       

     and many more!  

About Steve:

Author of many award winning and #1 bestsellers, Steven Manchester is a local author who has also appeared on NBC's Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, CNN's American Morning and BET's Nightly News.  Steve began his writing career with a non-fiction work telling of his difficult tour of duty in Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

  Allan Langer

The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less: .....The Ultimate Guide to Reinventing Your Sales Life 

In his own words:

My first book (others are in the works), The Seven Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less, was released on January 30th, 2019, and the praise has been humbling, to say the least. If you'd like to read some comments, please visit the "What Do They Say" link on my website,

  Lucie Contente 

Bella from the Farm: Just Be Yourself and They Will Like You

GLUTEN and GLUTEN FREE Cooking in Perfect Harmony

In her own words: 

I am a wife, mom and grandma who happens to have Celiac disease.  When I was diagnosed I knew my food life had to change.  I had to learn to cook differently but still make the food taste great.  It's been a journey and I learned so many things.  My goal is to help others with food allergies to have an easier journey.  

RE: Bella from the Farm - a story of a puppy who gets adopted and goes to her forever home and becomes sibling to two cats who help her settle into her new family/home.

  Paul Caranci  

Author Paul Caranci has authored several nationally recognized books, including his seventh, Wired: A Shocking True Story of Political Corruption and the FBI Informant Who Risked Everything to Expose It.  

  R.K. Bentley 

Where Weavers Daire (Stuk on the Hollow series) 

  Lisa (L.A.) Jacobs 

About the latest book, Grimaulkin

"... a gay teenage magician who has been released from prison for summoning demons, and now he's trying to make a better life for himself."  

  Alison O'Donnell

Stupid Cupid: A Survivor's Guide to Online Dating

A review ~

Stupid Cupid is a cleverly written and funny awareness book illustrating the landmines of computer dating... Ms. O'Donnell's insightful and quick-witted perspective of the dating scene's trappings will enlighten any reader. A must have for any on-line (or potential) daters. ~Ed "The Machine" Regine, comedian, actor, writer

  J.W. Elliot

About the Author ~

James is a twenty-nine-year-old stuck in an older man's body. He loves to paddle his canoe, shoot his handmade longbows in the woods, make knives, study martial arts, and generally enjoys challenging himself. When not teaching or writing about the real past, he is imagining worlds and histories that might have been, should have been, or may yet be.

  Pamie Roy 

Fig Season

A review ~

"Fig Season" is a story about complicated but seemingly ordinary people, who when looked at more closely, are found to be extraordinary. Pamie Roy does a great job in this novel of creating complex characters, with both strengths and weaknesses... some of which are apparent and some of which are well hidden until circumstances and events reveal them.

  Dana Gambardella 

Mama Bear's Magic

Grandma's House

In her own words: 

 ... writer, life-long learner, love-to-laugh Italian-American and President of Literacy Chef Publishing, LLC, a self-publishing company that merges my educator passion for childhood literacy with a vital mission for young readers to embrace their own process as the essential ingredient to fostering a love of story and a lifetime of literacy.

  Robert (R.M.) Clark

In his own words: 

I am the author of six published novels (five middle grade mysteries and one adult mystery) and have been active in the local author scene for many years.  Please visit my website,, if you'd like to see my books.

  Filomena Tripp

Invisible Courage

Editorial Review: 

 Invisible Courage is a moving testament to the power and resilience of the human spirit.

  A. Keith Carreiro

About the series: 

The Series: The Immortality Wars

Welcome to the worlds A. Keith Carreiro is creating: enter a spiritual fantasy series offering a glimpse of the future where heroes, demons, blessed and cursed battle over an elusively sought potion for everlasting life.

The end of suffering. The demise of death. Life unchained. Time conquered. The elixir of life found. The jewel of forever in the palm of life’s grasp . . .

  Kaitlyn Abdou

The Unseelie Prince, Book 1 of the Hawthorn Throne Series

In her own words:

The Unseelie Prince was published on my birthday, November 15th, 2018. It is available in print, e-book, and audio book. It is an LGBTQ+ dark fairy-tale about a young man who loses everything, and wakes up to find himself caught in his late mother’s worst nightmare: the prisoner of demonic beasts who call themselves the Daoine Síth, but are better known to humans as the Faeries of the Unseelie Court. 

  Heidi Chiavaroli

Freedom's Ring

The Hidden Side

The Edge of Mercy

About the novels:

Both her debut novel, "Freedom's Ring" and her sophomore novel, "The Hidden Side" are Romantic Times Top Picks. "Freedom's Ring" was also a BOOKLIST Top Ten Romance Debut.

  Ken Brack

Closer by the Mile

Especially for You 

About the author:

Ken Brack is a narrative nonfiction author moved by how people grow through catastrophic ordeals. His first book, Closer By The Mile, is the story of the country’s leading single-event athletic fundraiser, the Pan-Mass Challenge bike-a-thon for cancer research.  Especially For You casts fresh light on our responses to horrific ordeals, including healing oneself by lifting others up.

  Alberta Sequeira

Someone Stop This Merry-Go Round

A Spiritual Renewal; A Journey to Medjugorje

   and others

In her own words: 

I'm a three-time nominated award winning author, a motivational speaker, a director, producer, and co-host to the NBTV-95 Cable TV Show, an educational teacher, a co-founder to Authors Without Borders, and a writer for six years for The Cape Cod Today blog.  I've written three handbooks for writers, as well as three memoirs and a narrative non-fiction pertaining to alcohol addiction.  

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