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ARHS Library & Instructional Materials Center: Student Internship Program

General Program Information

The ARHS Library Media Specialist Student Internship program was formed to give students interested in the library field hands-on experience in a real-world school library setting while earning academic Work Based Learning Credits.  The program runs twice per school year, Semester I: October - January, and Semester II: February - May.  Students who have an Academic Lab may apply to be considered for the program.  

2019-2020 Semester II Information

Interested applicants for the 2019-2020 Semester II session must submit an application to directly to the Library/IMC by 10:30 a.m. on Friday, January 17, 2020.

Opportunities and Training

A participating student Intern engages in a minimum of twenty-four hours (24) of work-based learning within the ARHS Library/Instructional Materials Center.  Hours begin with an orientation session to become familiar with the daily structure of the library.  Interns will then have the opportunity to train in circulation, book processing and shelving books procedures, create bulletin boards, take photographs of school activities for the school website, and assist with collection development.  To successfully complete the internship, students will complete a project, i.e., maintain a library blog, create a book review, agreed upon at the onset of the Internship.

Eligibility Requirements

An applicant for this Internship Program must be:

  • A member of grade 9-12 at Apponequet Regional High School
  • Academically Eligible (ARHS Handbook p.44)


An applicant for this Internship Program must:

  • Submit a completed application, including a written narrative
  • Enroll in the Work-Based Learning Course #646 (ARHS Program of Studies)

Application Information

Application forms can be obtained in the guidance department. All applications, and accompanying materials, must be submitted directly to the guidance department on the designated due date.