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Helpful Tips!

Trifold Brochure Directions - Google Presentations/Slides is the best app to use in Google Docs because you can place images, text, and graphics anywhere on the page, unlike Google Docs.

  • Double Click on "Title of Project" to replace with your text
    • You can change font, color and outline of this by using the menu bar
  • The numbers of numbers of the pages are marked on the template, delete them when your brochure is complete.
  • Anywhere there is text, you can replace it with your text
  • Any place that asks you to insert image can be inserted over top of the text. It won’t show up in final printing
  • You can change the text box color on pages 3 and 5 so that it is suitable for your project

Ivory ‚ÄčTri-fold paper is available in the library.  

Library Rules and Policies

Students are welcome to sign in to the library during their Academic Lab period to read, research or use the computers.  Students must report to their Academic Lab for attendance and wait for the "ding-dong" before reporting to the library.

Students will respect the needs of others by following the rules below:

  • Students may not bring food, candy or drinks in to the library.
  • Appropriate electronic device use is allowed.  This includes use for research, reading, or for listening with earphones.  Violations of the Electronic Device policy will be address by Administration.
  • Students must work quietly without disturbing others.  Collaboration with peers on assignment is allowed so long as it does nto interfere with the learning of others.  Anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave.
  • Students have the option of choosing their slots for every 7 Day cycle via SignUp Genius.  Rules for sign-up are as follows:
    • Only 25 students will be allowed to sign up;
    • Students who sign up MUST report to the library;
    • Students will receive an invite on their school email every Day 6 for the upcoming cycle.
    • Students must choose the Day(s) and block to submit.  Options will be available for the entire cycle (Day 1 - 7);
    • A confirmation email will be sent to the student and should be kept in case it is needed by their Academic Lab teacher.
    • Sign ups for a particular day will close at 8:00 pm the day prior.
    • Students who do not receive or who wish to be removed from the email list must contact Mrs. O'Brien directly.